Battlefield 3 Tips

battlefield 3 tips

Battlefield 3 is still a great shooter game which is in the minds of the game lovers. The online version of it has made quite a lot of people irritated because they are not able to kill as many people they were, and some end up being killed sooner than expected. However, there are several tricks and tips which help you be better in this game and reach a higher level. Here are some of the most useful tips which will help you have a better score in the game.

Team work

You must know that this is not just a random shooter game, and here, you are supposed to have a nice teamwork as it is indeed one of the most important factors in this game. The class you select to play must be known by you, otherwise, playing it will be impossible. You are supposed to help people heal in the game. You have to perform as one would in a real war. Battlefield needs more experience than any other shooting games which are available in the market.

Learning the Classes

The beginners must always stick to the assault or medics class as it is much easier to understand as compared to the other classes. Engineer and recon are much tougher classes and one needs a considerable amount of experience and understanding of the game so that they can play it well. Those who are familiar with the levels and the maps of the game, then it will not be a very big problem. You must always start with the assault class so that you get used to the maps and learn the maps as well. This way, you can also rack some kills and increase your experience.

Strategy Guide

The techniques and the tricks pros use in this game, always help you win a game. When you get a strategy guide to such games, you can learn about the strategies and the plans which will help you be a pro yourself. They tell you about the pros and cons of using a particular weapon or how you can cross a particular class. You must make sure you get a nice guide which tells you about all the classes and also how you must build your classes in order to be effective and a powerful player.

The tips above will help you a lot while playing the game and might even help you become a pro in the same.

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