Battlefield is a trending PC video game


One of the multi-featured videogame with multiple themes such as those of World War 2 and the Vietnam War and other fiction based setting. The series of Battlefield consist of 13 main series. Whereas the titles in the game are more than 30. Battlefield game actually consists of different kits representing different army brats. Due to its positive follow up this game seems to be more trending during the year and even in 2018.

The most recent intrusion to the game was done a year ago as atrocious undertaking in the bloodshed of World War 1. Since the time of its first release, Battle Field has come up with new substance and themes. Whereas the new version of 2018 is still a curiosity in people’s mind.

It is more likely that the single player game with more cinematic features filled with dark humor and tastes of adventure bring the required entertainment to the players. However, battle field is not only concise to a single-player but also to multi-players. According to the latest trends battle field is trending towards a more realistic level with superb graphics. Weapons that are fully loaded are fun to use by the players.

Battle field has come with extremely new combat entertainment in its latest versions. Due to its availability on internet it can be played anywhere at any time. Directing the future trends the gaming developers are likely to focus on the improvement of vehicles land and sea. Hence to improve the entire environmental system to provide better gaming conditions to its players.

One of the “Television Company” has announced to display the show of battle field for one hour. Whereas some years later it was announced that the entire game series would be displayed on the television.

Considering the latest features of the game the 6 classic maps would include a wider Russian army, advanced weapons and vehicles. Battlefield provide its spectators a wider chance to look forward to several other battle fields during the battlefest.If the player enjoyed the first trial of the game he\she can save up to 40% on battle field 1 premium pass for full acesss. The highly intense war battles, operations the campaign modes and historical guns provided keep the player enthusiastic to play the game till end. Battle field is a highly competitive game whereas its low competitors  games are far left behind.

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